Red Apple Love Spell

Perform this spell for yourself and someone who has feelings for you, with the intention to make their love to be stronger and more focused. If you're feeling that their  love is dying or surrounding problems are distracting your lover from their feelings and stressing them out and you feel they're taking it out on you, set your intention to help improving the feelings again.
Items Needed:
A red apple
3 spoons of sugar (organic brown sugar preferred)
A piece of cardboard
A pen (red ink preferred)
A knife to carve the apple
3 spoons of honey
Optional items to strengthen the spell:
One red candle
One pink candle
One white candle
One purple candle
Dress candles in rose oil, and/or patchouli oil.
Optional: Depending on your schedule, you can make one of two commitments before you do the spell. This is your agreement between you and your higher power to prove your commitment to the spell.
1: Burn the four candles all in one night down to the wick.
2: Burn one candle every night before bed for three days to a week.
The Ritual
Carve the top of the apple (like a jack-o-lantern) so that you'll be able to remove the top and replace it again.
Write the full name and birth date of the person you desire on the piece of cardboard. Take that, along with their photo (optional, for a stronger spell) and place it in the center of the apple.
Put three spoonfuls of honey and sugar inside the center and put the apple lid back on the apple.
If you want your lover to be bound to you, wrap the apple in your underwear (a pair you'll never use again).
Then place the apple in an airtight container (Tupperware is fine) and put in the farthest corner of your closet and don't touch it for an entire week.
As the week starts to pass the apple will get mushy. The mushier the apple gets, the mushier your lover's heart will get and the more their desires for you will show.
After a week has passed, check the apple and if you feel it's not mushy enough let it sit for a day or a few more days, than bury it in the ground.

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