About The Sorceress Of Oz

When I was a little girl and my head was hurting, my mom used to take me close to her and whispered in my ear what I know now that it was a protection spell. She used to telling me at the end that I’ll feel better soon and that some evil eyes bewitched me, but she took away all the bad and the evil. And soon I was feeling better. Little I knew about them then, and every time I asked her for the words, she wouldn’t tell me, as she wasn’t taught, but she learned them by herself, just listening to her mom’s voice whispering in her ears. 

Many years later I’m heading back to my roots, trying to remember the Magic I was taught as a kid, without even knowing that I’m learning. And I realise my intuition and my force are strong in me, I just needed a sprinkle of magic dust and practice to make it perfect.

Because there is Magic. Real Magic. And Magic is not unique and not reserved for those with special mystical blood. 

But there is another question: are some of us more magically gifted than others? Of course, we're not all great dancers or singers either. Talent is but one factor, but I promise you we all have the gift. With effort and desire, you can create the magic that is right for you. It's time to challenge your magical gifts and take this journey together with The Sorceress of Oz!